Alan Garrett

Family: I am married to a wonderful woman named Marialice Stewart Garrett. She is a gifted leader in her own rite and was a great help in editing my book (UnSilenced) as well as shaping its theological content. We have three children, Bethany, Tiffany, and Nathan. All three of them are passionate about their faith in Jesus. Education: BA in Religious Studies (Greek Emphasis) from Westmont College. MS in Special Education from National University. Ministry Experience: I am currently a lay pastor at the Family Church of Sacramento and credentialed through the River network of churches. I have been in church leadership for roughly 30 years. Leadership experiences include being member of two church planting teams with the Association of Vineyard Churches as well as leading missions teams, ministry teams and evangelistic teams.

Jesus on a Public School Campus

FHS Christian Club

FHS Christian Club I am a teacher by trade and host the Christian Club on my high school campus. Did you know that prayer is legal on public school campuses? That’s correct, students have the right to pray! Teachers are not allowed to lead a class in prayer or share their faith in front of the class

Called In or Called Out?

Sray or Go JPEG

Many Christians understand that the Church is called to impact the world. Yet, most of the church’s resources (time, energy and money) are spent on the maintaining the organization. Few resources are spent on programs that effectively reach the world around.

Are You Equipped to Lead Someone to Jesus?

Wheat field and male hand holding cone in summer day

I have noticed that often Christians will bring people to a church service hoping that they will “get saved” and expect their pastors to “pray the sinner’s prayer” with those becoming Christians.  While I am all for people “getting saved” and I do believe praying “the sinner’s prayer” can be a valuable experience, there is…

A Lonnie Frisbee Dream and Evangelism


It is coming. A great move of God is coming. God recently spoke to me in a dream. In the dream, I was watching Lonnie Frisbee preaching and ministering in the late 60’s. Lonnie was walking up to people, preaching the gospel and watching the Holy Spirit move on them. A few things stood out to me.

The Holy Spirit Does…


He (The Holy Spirit) does things only a person can do and is therefore not a force. Read below and think about how much we need “the helper” (παράκλητος, paraklētos)!

He fills us: Luke 1:15

He speaks: Acts 28:25; Act 10:19-20; Act 13:2; Act 15:28; 1Ti 4:1; Rev 2:7