Jesus on a Public School Campus

FHS Christian Club I am a teacher by trade and host the Christian Club on my high school campus.  Did you know that prayer is legal on public school campuses?  That’s correct, students have the right to pray!  Teachers are not allowed to lead a class in prayer or share their faith in front of the class because they are employees of the State and the government is not supposed to dictate to the people what they are to believe (separation of Church and State).  But, students do have freedom of religion as long as what they do does not interrupt the educational process and they do not use the classroom setting as a platform to “preach.”  With the permission of school administration, students can even hold a religious oriented club on campus.

Every year at the Christian Club, as students share their faith, we have students that accept Jesus as their savior and choose to follow him.  The club leadership team invites guest speakers from time to time.  This year we had a young man named Jonathan Gilstrap from Jesus Culture Sacramento speak at the club.  At the end of his message, he had a word of knowledge for someone with a damaged knee.  We prayed three times for the male high school student who responded to the word.  The third time we prayed, all the pain in his knee was gone!  I checked with the student a week later and the knee was still pain-free.  The student told me that he could run on it without any pain!

Roughly two months after that healing, a female high school student was also healed of a knee injury.  Like the first student, we prayed for her three times.  The third time we prayed, most of the pain was gone.  An hour after we prayed she stopped by my classroom to tell me all the pain had gone!  She was able to walk up and down stairs without pain!

Most of the students who attend the club are unchurched.  Some of them do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus.  They come to the club because they feel loved and because we feed them.  Some of them even consider the club their church.

My prayer is that God would raise up strong student leaders on our campus and that the club would be seen as making a positive contribution to the high school campus.  This next year I hope to find ways the club can share the love of God in practical ways like giving food and clothes to needy families.  I am grateful for all Jesus has done and am looking forward to all that the Holy Spirit will do on my campus over the coming years.

Alan Garrett

© 2016 Alan Garrett,

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Alan Garrett

Family: I am married to a wonderful woman named Marialice Stewart Garrett. She is a gifted leader in her own rite and was a great help in editing my book (UnSilenced) as well as shaping its theological content. We have three children, Bethany, Tiffany, and Nathan. All three of them are passionate about their faith in Jesus. Education: BA in Religious Studies (Greek Emphasis) from Westmont College. MS in Special Education from National University. Ministry Experience: I am currently a lay pastor at the Family Church of Sacramento and credentialed through the River network of churches. I have been in church leadership for roughly 30 years. Leadership experiences include being member of two church planting teams with the Association of Vineyard Churches as well as leading missions teams, ministry teams and evangelistic teams. 


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