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Called In or Called Out?

Sray or Go JPEG

Many Christians understand that the Church is called to impact the world. Yet, most of the church’s resources (time, energy and money) are spent on the maintaining the organization. Few resources are spent on programs that effectively reach the world around.

A Jesus Encounter and Tarot Cards


Can Jesus reach people who are searching for right answers in the wrong places? Sometimes people dabble in the occult because they are looking for answers to legitimate questions. They may be open to knowing Jesus, but do not know He is the one who can give them what they are looking for.

Are You Equipped to Lead Someone to Jesus?

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I have noticed that often Christians will bring people to a church service hoping that they will “get saved” and expect their pastors to “pray the sinner’s prayer” with those becoming Christians.  While I am all for people “getting saved” and I do believe praying “the sinner’s prayer” can be a valuable experience, there is…