The Holy Spirit Does…

The Holy Spirit does things only a person can do.

He (The Holy Spirit) does things only a person can do and is therefore not a force.  Read below and think about how much we need “the helper” (παράκλητος, paraklētos)!

He fills us: Luke 1:15

He speaks: Acts 28:25; Act 10:19-20; Act 13:2; Act 15:28; 1Ti 4:1; Rev 2:7

He helps, comes along side: John 14:16; Eph 5:18

He leads us: Mt. 4:1 Gal 5:16-18

Comes upon us: Mt.12:18, Lk 4:18

Speaks through us: Mk13:11

He anoints: Luk 4:18

He is offended: Isa 63:10 (You can’t offend a force)

He is grieved: Eph 4:30

He gives rest: Isa 63:14

He leads us: Mat 4:1

He drives us: Mark 1:12 The Spirit drove (ekballo) Him into the wilderness.  It is the same word used when Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple and for casting out demons.

He delivers Mat: 12:28

He teaches Luk: 12:12

He is the gate keeper-you must be born of the Spirit to enter the Kingdom: Joh 3:5-6

He convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment: Joh 16:8

He gives commands: Acts 1:2

He can be lied to: Acts 5:3-4

He can be resisted: Acts 7:51

He sends people: Act 13:4

He forbids (directs): Act 16:6-7

He sanctifies: Rom 15:16, 2Th 2:13

He reveals: (brings revelation) 1Co 2:10-14, Luke 2:26, Eph 3:5   

He dwells/lives in us: 1Co 3:16

He distributes spiritual gifts: 1Cor 12:3-11

He brings liberty/freedom: 2Co_3:17-18

He communes with us: 2Co 13:14

He produces fruit if our lives: Gal 5:22-23; Eph 5:9

He seals us: Eph 1:12-14

He strengthens us: Eph 3:16

He gives us access to the Father: Eph 2:18

He inhabits us: Eph 2:22

He accompanies the gospel with power: 1Th 1:5-6

He can be quenched: 1Th 5:19

He washes, regenerates, renews: Tit 3:5-6

He helps us pray: Jud 1:20

He anoints for tasks: Gideon Jdg 6:34, Samson Jdg 14, David, 1Ch 28:11-12, Jesus Luke 4:18-19

He departs from people: (in the sense of anointing) Samson Jdg 16:20, Saul 1Sa 16:14

© 2016 Alan Garrett,

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Alan Garrett

Family: I am married to a wonderful woman named Marialice Stewart Garrett. She is a gifted leader in her own rite and was a great help in editing my book (UnSilenced) as well as shaping its theological content. We have three children, Bethany, Tiffany, and Nathan. All three of them are passionate about their faith in Jesus. Education: BA in Religious Studies (Greek Emphasis) from Westmont College. MS in Special Education from National University. Ministry Experience: I am currently a lay pastor at the Family Church of Sacramento and credentialed through the River network of churches. I have been in church leadership for roughly 30 years. Leadership experiences include being member of two church planting teams with the Association of Vineyard Churches as well as leading missions teams, ministry teams and evangelistic teams. 


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